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Sneak Peak: Jim + Evelyn

Sneak peek on one of my very fun collaboration with Jane Lee. Jane Lee is a very talented self-taught photographer. We knew each other 2 or 3 years back. Both of us were the blog shop owner. She’s selling clothes and I was selling my craft. So literally, we’re NET friends.

The perfect couple and the rest of the team!
We’ve never meet each other before until she approach me for this pre-wedding project as decorator. So finally the NET friends meet for the first time and I guess we sync well, I assumed :P

That's my magical hand, working behind the scene
We’ve went through a few round of brainstorming on how to create the rustic English feel in the tropical background, we’ve scratched our head figuring how to get/rent rustic furniture and props...

DIY crates by Jane and me
Lucky enough – I guess both of us have magical hands. We’ve literally made our own rustic crates and rustic dining table and we also get lots of love sponsored items from Spinmesilly Bakes (cute ombre cake), Cally Make Up (Make Up) and Treasurous (vintage chairs).

Stay tune for the full updates!
Photos credited to Jane Lee